Sustainable personal care

An amber glass jar with a aluminium screw lid. The kraft label wrapped around it has black lettering.

Natural Deodorant Cream

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  • Natural ingredients

  • Sustainably packaged

  • No synthetic preservatives

  • Effective yet gentle

Natural ingredients

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Sustainably packaged

Get a zero plastic refill

No synthetic preservatives

be kinder to your skin

Effective yet gentle

Butter up!


Citrus deodorant
J’adore son odeur d’agrumes et il fonctionne incroyablement bien, même pendant une longue sortie course à pied :) En plus il est dans un récipient super chou qui n’est pas en plastique !


Facial oil
Just got this oil for the first time, I love using oil during the day instead of a moisturizer, and this one has a great smell and my skin immediately absorbs it, and its completely natural!


Rose and witch hazel toner
This one beats them all (my 3 favourite toners) hands down, not least because of its environmental packaging. I absolutely adore the smell! The rose balance with witch hazel is perfect as when rose fragrance is too heavy, I don't like it.


Citrus deodorant
Geneva summers can be hot and muggy. With this deodorant, I am as fresh at the end of the day as I was when I got out of the shower. It works perfectly.
Applying a cream deodorant with my finger took a little getting used to, but it works better than Aesop or anything else I've used.


Citrus deodorant
I love this deodorant! For me, it works as an antiperspirant and it smells great. It is the best of both worlds. To top it off, I love that it comes in a recyclable container. Searching and testing different deodorants is finally over...Thank you! :-)